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Fotona Hair Growth

Fotona Hair Growth treats hair loss disorders. This solution is focused on stimulation dormant hair follicles to promote hair growth. It enables treatments that highly controlled delivery of energy and provide the comfort for the patient resulting in increased tissue regeneration and the promotion of new follicle growth.

How it works?

Patented Fotona Hair Growth pulses that gently deliver laser light to the tissue, triggering the scalp in a safe and controlled way. The patented feature of Fotona Hair Growth is the ability to act in a non-ablative manner, producing precisely engineered mild thermal pulses. By this laser light is delivered to the tissue gently and efficiently, heating the scalp in a safe and controlled pulsed way. The overall effect is a gentle heating of the skin and the production of growth factors, without any significant ablation of the epidermis.

Benefits of Fotona Hair Growth Laser

Prevents Further Hair Loss

No Downtime

Increase Hair Density and Thickness

Non Surgical

Promotes New Follicle 


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Laser-Powered Hair Renewal: Your Path to Fuller Hair!
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