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Pico Laser Skin Rejuvenation

The Wrinkles Reduction & Glowing Skin laser provides a non-invasive, needle-free option for wrinkle treatment. Millions of people received treatments for wrinkles over the last year. As skin ages, wrinkles can result from reduced collagen. Wrinkles Reduction & Glowing Skin lasers have been shown to build collagen and elastin below the skin surface. After a series of quick 15 to 20 minutes treatments, improves the appearance of wrinkles and acts at the dermis without breaking the epidermis.

pcw wr 2.jpg

Wrinkles Reduction & Glowing Skin laser splits the beam into 100 evenly spaced, identical beams for uniform treatment.

pcw wr 2.jpg

The treatment generates a pattern of photomechanical (photoacoustic) injury in the dermis called Laser Induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB) that leads to a wound-healing process without surface ablation.

Pico Laser Skin Rejuvenation at $97.01 Nett

Builds collagen and elastin

pcw wr 3.jpg

1-day post-treatment

  • Cavitations created in the upper dermis

pcw wr 3.jpg

2 months post-treatment

  • Complete healing with the empty vacuoles filled by the wound-healing process

Wrinkles Reduction & Glowing Skin procedure

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  • Improves the appearance of wrinkles

  • Builds collagen and elastin

  • Each treatment takes about 15 to 20 minutes

  • Low to no downtime

Arrange a Pico Laser Skin Rejuvenation with BH Medical Aesthetics.
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Pico Laser Skin Rejuvenation

$97.01 Nett

Terms & Conditions Apply

This procedure is suitable for both men and women.
Pico Laser Skin Rejuvenation Procedure Information
Duration: 60 minutes
Downtime: little to none

Step 1


Step 2

Doctor Consultation

Our doctor and aesthetic team will conduct a comprehensive consultation to answer questions, address concerns, and ensure you're fully informed about your treatment.

Step 3

Before Treatment

-Consent forms and Pre-procedural photography

-Pre-procedure Cleanse to ensure a clean and makeup-free face with our gentle cleanser to remove impurities before your treatment

-Cover eyebrow and eye

-Application of topical numbing cream to ensure your comfort

Step 4

Pre-procedure preparation

-Prepare pico hand piece for doctor

-Rejuvenation (730+ Resolve 532 (or) Resolve 1064)

Step 5

Doctor will administer pico laser skin rejuvenation

Step 6

After Treatment

-Application of moisturiser and sunblock

-Post-procedural photography,a part of the patient's records to monitor the treatment progress.

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