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Skin Rejuvenation
Regain Youthful Skin

Skin Rejuvenation

A new concept of skin bio-revitalization that promotes the favorable regeneration of cells from deep within the skin. It is a skin rejuvenating treatment made of Polynucleotides (PN)  which are DNA fragments of specific size derived from wild salmon. Skin Rejuvenation procedure makes the skin young and healthy naturally by delivering highly bio-compatible polynucleotides directly into the skin.

"Skin Rejuvenation - Regain Youthful Skin"

What are Polynucleotides (PN)?

  • Polynucleotide (PN) is the core component of the Skin Rejuvenation procedure and a specific standard of DNA fragments extracted from wild Salmon.

  • PN in the Skin Rejuvenation procedure is extracted from wild salmon DNA, which has been proven to be compatible with human skin without causing any adverse side effects.

  • PN stimulates skin's own regenerative capability.

  • PN improves skin elasticity by recovering the biological condition of the dermis and epidermis. It also promotes favorable repair of skin that has been damaged by the external environment and energy-based device treatments.

Recovering Effect

Promotes favorable physiological conditions for the self-regenerative ability of the skin and improves the appearance of various skin concerns such as wrinkles, scars, large pores, redness, and pigmentation, etc.

Improvement of Skin Elasticity and Fine Wrinkles

Promotes the secretion of collagen and restores Extra Cellular Matrix to recover thin and damaged skin inside caused by aging, while simultaneously improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Improvement of skin tone and texture

Improves pigmentation and overall brightness of the complexion which is helpful in recovering the tonicity and luminosity of smoother skin texture.

Proven Safety

High biocompatible DNA fragment with no adverse reaction

Skin Rejuvenation improves the thickness and density of the epidermis and dermis.


Skin elasticity in the cheeks and under-eye region.


Lifting Effect


Reduces sebum


Balances oil and moisture of skin


Reduces pores


Improves skin texture


Improves skin density and elasticity


Reduces dead cells


Clarifies skin tone


Improves fine lines


Recovers protective skin layers

Skin Rejuvenation Procedure

  • To promote the self-regenerating powers of skin

  • To improve the thickness of the dermis & epidermis and the overall elasticity of the skin

  • To keep skin young and healthy

Damaged skin has weaker self-regenerative capabilities, which may accelerate the skin aging process. This can lead to an increase in fine wrinkles, the appearance of pigmentation, and a decrease in skin elasticity. 

With pre-programmed procedures, the device alters the injection speed dependent on the thickness of the medication, resulting in little medicine loss. A substantial reduction in pain is noticeable with our Skin Rejuvenation procedure, while also receiving the precise dose of injection with consistency.

To learn more about the Skin Rejuvenation procedure, fill up the inquiry form or give us a call at 67332555.
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