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Korean 3D Nose Thread Lift

Natural Looking Nose Lift Without Any Surgery by Doctors

Korean 3D Nose Thread Lift

A nose thread lift, also known as ‘lunchtime nose job’, is a non-surgical procedure that uses fine threads to reshape the nose bridge and nose tip, making it higher, straighter, and more defined.

Nose Lifting with Korean 3D Nose Thread!

What kind of threads are used?

nose thread lift.jpg

The idea of the Korean 3D Nose Thread is for re-balancing the nose by lifting up the tip and bridge. Poly L-Lactic Acid is one of the body components approved by the FDA (PLLA is produced from corn and sugar can derived materials.)

How long can the Nose Thread Lift last?

Estimated 1-2 years. Results from a Nose Thread Lift procedure can usually last for about 1-2 years. If the treatment is repeated 9 months after the initial treatment, you can expect the result to be longer-lasting. With the stimulation of collagen in the nose, some permanent lifting can be expected

Is Nose Thread Lift safe?

The procedure is safe when being performed by certified doctors.

Is there any downtime?

Local anesthesia used to maximize patient's comfort and low downtime.

What to expect with Nose Thread Lift?

Absorbable, Non-Surgical, Minimal to No Downtime. 

Shape & Contour Your Nose to Desired State.

To learn more about Korean 3D Nose Thread Lift procedure, fill up the inquiry form or give us a call at 67332555.
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