Facial Lifting & Sculpting

A Liftera Lifting can treat your entire face such as forehead, eyes, wrinkles, cheek, upper lip, chin, double chin. In addition, you can also reduce the amount of under-eye fat as a dark circle that can be done by conventional and invasive facial lifting surgery. The most important thing is that the people around you, do not recognize your changes after the procedure.  Of course, people would like to know the secret of your face that is not getting old. 


How does Liftera Face Lifting &  Sculpting work?


Targeting Aged Skin

Wrinkled and stretched skin without elasticity due to aging on the upper and lower dermis, SMAS


How Liftra Lifting work on the face

An intense focus ultrasound is irradiated by curved toning technique to the upper, lower dermis and SMAS, at a high-speed rate (0.1 seconds) that can make coagulation zone with 65-degree Celsius at the focusing point


Skin tissue reaction after Liftera Lifting

SMAS layer contraction and the formation of collagen in the upper, lower dermis as remodeling effects by 65-degree Celsius at the focusing point, in the coagulation zone

face png 1.png

Efficacy of Skin Lifting & Sculpting

Wrinkle removal and skin tissue Lifting & Tightening effects in the aged skin condition by collagen remodeling and SMAS contraction

Facial Skin Shape is not flat at all

Unlike the conventional HIFU procedure, Liftera Lifting is able to be performed on a curved skin line by rubbing mode particularly, therefore the proper energy is delivered close to the skin.


Clinically Proven Results

hifu face result 4.jpg
hifu face result 1.jpg
hifu face result 3.jpg
hifu face result 2.jpg


Liftera Advance HIFUA
Non-invasive latest lifting and contouring treatment for the face and neck area by Certified Doctors.

At $198 (before GST) for Full Face & Chin

Terms & Conditions Apply.


Hifu - Facial Lifting & Sculpting Treatment

A Liftera Lifting can treat your entire face such as forehead, eyes, wrinkles, cheek, upper lip, chin, double chin

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