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Endovascular Treatment

Endovascular laser works by targeting non-ablative laser energy to the interior of a vein, causing the vein wall to shrink and seal shut. The healthy veins that surround the closed vein can then restore the normal flow of blood to the treated area.

Safe, Effective, and Minimally Invasive

Endovascular laser is principally effective on large truncal veins in the legs. Laser energy is delivered to the desired location inside the vein through an optical fiber and catheter. Laser treatments are less invasive than traditional surgical methods of varicose vein removal, have a lower complication rate, and are well tolerated by patients. Recovery time is short and the treatment produces good cosmetic results.

Faster Healing and Greater Patient Comfort

Non-ablative laser has a particular affinity for absorption in hemoglobin, making it an ideal choice for endovenous laser treatments. Its high performance, selectivity, and precision (limiting thermal effects to the target tissue) allow for minimal discomfort, exceptional success rates, and shortened recovery times.

Arrange a Endovascular procedure with BH Medical Aesthetics.
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