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Eyebag Removal

Eye bag removal laser treatment is non-invasive and an alternative for individuals who do not want to undergo surgery to remove their eye-bags. Removing eye bags permanently will improve the look of one's face while also fostering freshness and vigor.

How does it work?

Eye bag removal laser treatment can penetrate the eyebags to remove fats and stiffen loose under-eye skin. Because the optical energy is transmitted in a single sub-second-long pulse sequence to minimize heat buildup, the surface tissue will encourage new collagen formation, boosting the flexibility and texture surrounding the eye region during the last pulse.


In the Eye bag treatment, dermal collagen stimulating laser and a moderate skin resurfacing laser are performed. This laser treatment is used on the palpebral conjunctiva for an effective and significant tightening of the eyebags region (inner). With its precise and modern way of doing the treatment, the Eye bag treatment laser is effective in renewing fine skin around the eyes without putting too much pressure on the soft layer of the skin.

Eye bag removal laser treatment improves the look of drooping eye bags by gently firming them. Because Eye bag removal laser aids to rejuvenate one's natural skin-healing powers, the treatment will seem refreshing and natural. Eye bag removal laser is conducted by doctors.

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Arrange an Eye bag Removal procedure with BH Medical Aesthetics.
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