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骨关节炎也可能是其他问题的副作用,这些问题会对关节造成异常压力,例如肥胖(关节必须承受额外的重量)、臀部和膝盖形状异常(当一个人移动时,这些关节承受的压力会增加) ),先前涉及关节的骨折或损伤:或者在某些运动员的情况下,关节反复受到压力。

Who gets affected?

Osteoarthritis affects both men and women, with women having a higher rate of Osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis rates increase sharply after the age of 50.

What are the risk factors for Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is linked to age, obesity, sports injuries, and heredity (especially Osteoarthritis of the hands), and may be associated with other forms of Arthritis like Rheumatoid Arthritis and Gout.

Can Osteoarthritis develop in all Joints?

Almost any joint can be affected. However, Osteoarthritis commonly develops in the knees, hips, spine, and hands.

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A Single Injection, Lightly Cross-linked High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid





What happens to the joints in Osteoarthritis?

In the human body, the joints are normally covered with cartilage so that they can glide over each other smoothly. In Osteoarthritis, the joint cartilage steadily softens and disintegrates over time. With the loss of this protective material, the exposed bones of the joint begin to grind against each other more easily and wear each other out, creating a painful sensation in the joints when weight is put on them, saying during walking or standing up.

As the condition progresses, cyst lumps and excess fluid may develop in the affected joints, giving rise to a swollen joint.

How is Osteoarthritis diagnosed?

If a patient exhibits the symptoms of Osteoarthritis, the doctor can confirm the diagnosis by doing a physical examination.

Can Osteoarthritis be prevented?

One cannot prevent aging. One can however reduce the risk of developing Osteoarthritis by maintaining a healthy weight, engaging in moderate exercise, and eating a healthy and nutritious diet. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent further joint damage and deformity.

What is the treatment for Osteoarthritis?

Knee Pain Treatment is to alleviate its symptoms. Knee Pain is a single injection visco supplement utilized to treat joint pain caused by osteoarthritis. It is comprised of highly purified, partially cross-linked sodium hyaluronate (NaHA) in a phosphate-buffered saline solution, and it is both biocompatible and resorbable.



一次注射 OA 治疗

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  • 只需注射一次,Monovisc 就可以缓解长达 6 个月的疼痛。

  • Monovisc 是唯一一种非动物来源的透明质酸 (HA) 单次注射治疗。

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Monovisc 的优势

  • 方便的单次注射治疗

  • 高度浓缩、非动物来源的 HA

  • 长达 26 周的持久缓解

  • 与多次注射产品相比,单次注射的患者依从性更好

  • 没有报告证实的假脓毒性反应

This procedure is suitable for both men and women.
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Knee Pain Procedure Information
Duration: 60 minutes

Step 1


Step 2

Doctor Consultation

Our doctor and aesthetic team will conduct a comprehensive consultation to answer questions, address concerns, and ensure you're fully informed about your treatment.

Step 3

Before Treatment

-Consent forms and Pre-procedural photography

Step 4

Doctor will administer knee pain procedure

Step 5

After Treatment

-Post treatment care

-Post-procedural photography,a part of the patient's records to monitor the treatment progress.

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