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Dual Treatment for Double Chin

A double chin, or submental fat, is a concern characterized by the accumulation of excess fat under the chin, resulting in a visible bulge. A double chin can appear on your face due to a combination of factors. Weight gain is a common cause, as excess fat can accumulate under the chin. Genetics can also play a role, as some people may be more prone to developing a double chin due to their genetic makeup. Additionally, the natural aging process can cause skin to sag, creating the appearance of a double chin.


This procedure combines High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and thermal laser technology to create a  synergistic effect, stimulating collagen production deep within the skin. This approach triggers a natural tightening process, resulting in improved skin elasticity and firmness. By lifting and tightening your skin, it can help get rid of that double chin.

Combination Procedure



HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that targets and disrupts fat cells beneath the chin, triggering a natural process that breaks down and eliminates excess fat. This procedure helps sculpt a slimmer, more refined profile without the need for surgery or downtime.

A HIFU procedure can sometimes be combined with other treatments.




The thermal laser utilizes a pulse mode designed for homogenous tissue heating comfortably, safely and rapidly, by concentrating energy delivery to subcutaneously stimulate metabolism of fat cells, leaving the epidermis intact. The laser mode extends the pulse durations to the seconds regime, resulting in full-thickness bulk heating with an overall synergistic tightening effect.

Arrange HIFU plus thermal laser for double chin
with BH Medical Aesthetics
This procedure is suitable for both men and women.
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HIFU plus thermal laser for double chin

$137.34 Nett

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HIFU plus thermal laser for double chin procedure information
Duration: 60 minutes
Downtime: None

Step 1


Step 2

Doctor Consultation

Our doctor and aesthetic team will conduct a comprehensive consultation to answer questions, address concerns, and ensure you're fully informed about your treatment.

Step 3

Before Treatment

-Consent forms and Pre-procedural photography

-Pre-procedure Cleanse to ensure a clean and makeup-free face with our gentle cleanser to remove impurities before your treatment

-Application of topical numbing cream to ensure your comfort

Step 4

Pre-procedure preparation

- Ultrasound Gel

- HIFU Cartridge  4.5 mm and 3.0 mm  (60 lines)


Step 5

Doctor will administer the dual treatment (HIFU plus thermal laser for double chin).

Step 6

After Treatment

-Application of moisturiser and sunblock

-Post-procedural photography,a part of the patient's records to monitor the treatment progress.

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