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Fotona 4D - 毛孔、疤痕和痤疮疤痕

Nd: YAG 激光的自感应分数效应和产生微小区域高温尖峰的特定脉冲结构。这种非消融方式能够治疗特定的、更深的缺陷,以补充口腔内治疗的效果,并恢复年轻的质地。


Fotona 的 SP Dynamis 激光系统旨在执行所有主要的美容治疗。通过结合两种互补的激光波长,SP Dynamis 可作为一个多功能、多用途的美容平台,可以在美容、外科和妇科领域进行极其广泛的应用。 Fotona 的 Nd: YAG 波长可有效到达皮肤的最深层,而 Er: YAG 波长则非常适合刷掉表面瑕疵,从而展现出视觉上吸引人的持久效果。


1. Active Acne: A laser is used to penetrate the skin deep enough to thermally and selectively destroy large sebaceous glands.

2. Acne Scars: The laser is used to remove micro-thin layers of skin so that new skin can form in its place. Unlike chemical peels and dermabrasion, laser resurfacing allows to be easily controlled. The laser gently vaporised the acne-scarred surface of the skin so that undamaged skin below is revealed.

Why is wavelength important?

Laser wavelength safely penetrates into skin with the optimal depth to effectively target overactive sebaceous glands. In addition to its penetration effects, the acne laser treatment also stimulates collagen remodelling, an important step in the treatment of acne.

For problematic acne scars, laser wavelength is ideal for gentle ablative scar revision. The laser effectively and safely provides the minimal penetration required for light resurfacing of acne-scarred skin.

Why laser procedure for scars?

Laser systems are equipped with a high performance laser that ablates skin more efficiently and the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin to create thermal effects without damaging the skin surface.

Frac3 Laser for Scars at $97.01 Nett
Arrange a Frac3 Laser for Scars session with BH Medical Aesthetics.
This procedure is suitable for both men and women.
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Frac3 Laser for Scars

$97.01 Nett

Terms & Conditions Apply

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Frac3 Laser for Scars Procedure Information
Duration: 60 minutes
Downtime: little to none

Step 1


Step 2

Doctor Consultation

Our doctor and aesthetic team will conduct a comprehensive consultation to answer questions, address concerns, and ensure you're fully informed about your treatment.

Step 3

Before Treatment

-Consent forms and Pre-procedural photography

-Pre-procedure Cleanse to ensure a clean and makeup-free face with our gentle cleanser to remove impurities before your treatment

-Cover eyebrow and eye

Step 4

Doctor will administer laser procedure and cold air by assistant

Step 5

After Treatment

-Application of moisturiser and sunblock

-Post-procedural photography,a part of the patient's records to monitor the treatment progress.

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