Purest Exosome Treatment: Truly Youthful Skin Naturally

As we grow older, the cells of our body undergo changes. They become weaker, grow larger or smaller in size, and gradually lose the ability to function normally. Their composition likewise changes: with age comes an increase in pigments and lipids or fatty substances. All these have a huge impact on the human body. The various organs begin to deteriorate, affecting one’s health.

But while these do not occur overnight, the decline is noticeable. The skin, which is the largest organ of the human body, reflects these changes the most. Wrinkles, dryness, big pores, and a lack of elasticity – these are only some of the effects brought about by an advancing in age and environmental factors such as inadequate skin care and subjecting oneself to unhealthy habits. An increase in the risk of developing skin cancer and other conditions resulting from the weakening of skin cells is likewise an unwelcome development.

The skin doesn’t take kindly to ageing, but this doesn’t mean the only option is acceptance. BH Medical Aesthetics’ Purest Exosome Treatment helps you fight the signs of ageing at a fundamental level that’s more than skin-deep. Thus, taking care of the skin becomes more than just a form of vanity; it’s a way of prioritizing one’s health and well-being.

Skin revitalization through natural means

With Purest Exosome GFC, skin rejuvenation can be achieved without undergoing artificial treatments. Procedures such as plastic surgery, the addition of fillers, and Botox may enhance one’s appearance, but these are not a long-term solution. True skin revitalization requires modulating cellular activity – a process that was possible only with stem cells, but now achievable with exosome therapy.

BH Medical Aesthetics makes use of exosomes derived from stem cell conditioned media to facilitate skin healing and renewal. But what is an exosome, and how does it help revitalize the skin?

Exosomes are naturally occurring elements found inside the body that play a key role in the life cycle and normal functioning of cells. They are pockets of proteins, micro RNA, and messenger RNA that are contained in the endosome - a lipid vesicle that forms when part of the cell membrane folds inward. Each endosome can contain a number of exosomes because of the latter’s miniscule size: measuring between 30-200nm, they are roughly 1/1,000 the average size of a human cell.

Scientific research has changed the way that exosomes are regarded. In the past, they were considered a waste product of the cell because of the endosome’s behavior. When an endosome comes into contact with the cell membrane, the two fuse, resulting in the release of exosomes outside the cell. Today, however, exosomes are highly regarded because of how they influence the microenvironment around cells. They act as mediators in direct cell-to-cell communication, which is crucial in inducing the body’s anti-inflammatory response. Exosomes have also been observed to penetrate unhealthy cells, releasing the proteins and RNA they contain in order to facilitate healing. Along with other proteins, they are instrumental in breathing new life into ageing cells.

A targeted solution to meet your skin’s specific needs

The skin is important not only because it affects your appearance but also because it performs numerous functions that aid in your survival. It acts as a shield that protects you from excessive light and heat, as well as infection and injury. It is also a sensory organ, a temperature regulator, and a storage facility for fat and water that the body needs. All these functions are made possible by the three layers of tissue that make up the skin: the epidermis, dermis, and the subcutis or subcutaneous fat layer.

When choosing a procedure or product for the skin, it’s important to consider how it works. While a marked change in appearance is a good gauge of effectiveness, it may only work at the surface level – in which case, true rejuvenation has not been achieved. Exosome therapy meets the needs of each layer of the skin and provides the needed environment for fundamental improvement.

Purest Exosome GFC has abundant lipids that strengthen the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin. It also improves the strength and flexibility of the dermis – the middle layer – by encouraging the proliferation of collagen and elastin through the introduction of exosomes during treatment. Collagen is particularly important because it holds together the various components in this layer, including blood and lymph vessels, nerves, hair follicles, and sweat glands. Finally, the Exosome Treatment reinforces the subcutis by stimulating the fat tissue in this layer, strengthening its ability to conserve heat and protect the body from injury.

The targeted solution that is Purest Exosome GFC renews the skin by penetrating even its deepest layer. The result is fundamental rejuvenation that is reflected by youthful, glowing skin.

An effective approach to skin renewal

Purest Exosome GFC is a technology that separates and refines 0.5% pure exosome from stem cell conditioned media. The derived exosomes then undergo lyophilisation, preserving and maximizing their rejuvenating effect. The exosomes work similarly to stem cells and help the vitalization of natural skin energy by affecting skin cells effectively.

Each vial of Purest Exosome GFC goes through a careful process, ensuring that it contains 100% exosome. The result? Optimal benefits that include a 600% increase in collagen and 300% more elastin. These play a major role in addressing various skin issues, including:

  • big pores

  • chronically stressed skin

  • dull skin

  • problematic skin

  • rough and dry skin

  • saggy and weak skin

  • sensitive skin

A gentle option to achieve youthful skin

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