PicoWay Laser Treatment in Singapore For Effective Pigmentation Removal

Let me ask you a question. Do you cringe when skin discolourations or brown spots start to appear on your face out of nowhere? We know just how you feel.

Over the years, our skin is constantly being exposed to damaging UV rays from the sun. And as we age, our skin tend to lose its natural glow and uneven skin tone starts to appear. Many of these skin spots can be embarrassing and often cited as one of the biggest skin care anxieties, together with ageing skin and acne.

So what is it that causes skin pigmentation and what is the effective way to address this beauty concern?

What causes pigmentation?

Melanin is a pigment that gives skin its color. Pigmentation occurs when there is too much of melanin produced by our skin. Because of the melanin release, the skin will appear either dark or discolored. There are several internal and external factors that can affect the production of melanin in our body such as: (internal) hormonal fluctuations caused by pregnancy, certain medications and (external) excessive unprotected exposure to UV rays. Other causes include post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation such as pimple marks or skin burns. The deeper the pigment, the tougher it is to treat.

What are my treatment options?

The very first step is to discuss your condition with a certified medical doctor at BH Medical Aesthetics. We will assess the type and size of pigmentation your skin is dealing with and advise the optimal pigmentation removal options tailored to your needs.

Fortunately, an effectively innovative solution is at hand! A multitude of skin pigmentation problems are effectively dealt with through the help of PicoWay laser treatment. It is considered as the finest laser technology in today’s market for pigmentation removal. PicoWay is also FDA-cleared for benign pigmented lesions.

PicoWay removes difficult to treat pigments

PicoWay is equipped with several hand pieces that has varying wavelengths to specifically target the skin at varying depths with better accuracy and sharper concentration. This versatility allows for higher efficacy which can mean you get faster results with fewer sessions.

PicoWay busts up the pigment into smaller particles

PicoWay's technology uses ultra-fast pulses known as picoseconds to break down the pigment into the smallest particles. A picosecond is a trillionth of a second. Because the pulses are so fast, they shatter even the tiniest colored particles, allowing the body to naturally eliminate the pigmentation.

PicoWay treatments are comfortable with little to no downtime

Treatments are typically fast, between 15 to 20 minutes. In order to see optimal results, more than one treatment may be required. While the degree of discomfort varies per individual, majority of our clients report that it's completely bearable than anticipated. But don't worry, we also include numbing cream incase some of our clients are super sensitive with pain.

Key Benefits

PicoWay transforms the skin from the inside out. It targets visual signs of ageing and skin irregularities that are not aesthetically pleasing such as:

  • Sun damage

  • Age spots

  • Fine lines

  • Acne scars

  • Pigmented lesions

  • Tattoo

As a result, you are sure to find newfound confidence in your appearance as you achieve:

  • Clearer skin tone

  • Healthier and younger looking skin

  • Radiant skin

Why choose BH Medical Aesthetics for your PicoWay treatment?

We are proud to deliver numerous impressive outcomes for our clients using PicoWay's technology. Before any treatment, our doctor will examine your skin and you will be advised on what course of treatment is best tailored to your needs.

We are equipped with certified medical doctors and pride ourselves in treating our clients with an extraordinary level of care using today’s technologies.

Do you want to know if PicoWay is right for you?

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