Hydrogel Face Mask by BH Medical Aesthetics: A Radiant Glow Like No Other

Radiant, beautiful skin is within your reach with Hydrogel Face Mask by BH Medical Aesthetics. Packed with high concentration of moisturizing and anti-ageing ingredients, this mask helps your skin to look and feel supple, firmer and all-around more youthful.

Meet the beauty mask that is calibrated to go far beyond simple hydration.

Moisturizing Effect With No Time Limit

That's the genius of this mask.

The Hydrogel Mask's water-retaining capacity is realized thanks to the fine weaving process, that keeps the facial mask moist and watery, allowing for perfect adherence and maximum efficacy even if you keep the mask on for much longer time.

In common masks, the water content will be volatilized after 15-20 minutes of usage, turning the mask dry. The benefits only apply while the mask is still wet and if the mask is left on the skin for too long, it can result in "reverse absorption" and can draw moisture away from your skin. This can compromise our natural protective oils too.

The good thing about BH Medical's Hydrogel Face Mask is its ability to maintain moisture over a long period of time. This means that leaving it on for too long will not suck moisture out from your skin but instead it will help lock in moisture and keep the skin hydrated longer.

Carries More Essence by 25%

Made from a technology where hyaluronic acid and other active nourishing ingredients were fused with facial mask fibers, BH Medical's Hydrogel Eye Mask contains 35g of serum which is 25% more nourishing essences compared to masks in general. This gives the skin eve more high moisture concentration and full elasticity.

Good Bio-Compatibility For Better Fit To Skin

The Hydrogel Face Mask fits tightly around the facial contours ensuring effective penetration of vital nutrients to the skin.

Thin Fibers and Outstanding Absorbability

This Hydrogel Face Mask is finer and tighter as compared to sheet masks in general, thereby aids in providing airtight adherence to the skin and accomplishing a much tighter water retention ability to lock all the goodness in.

Super Water Storage Function with 30 Times Enhanced Absorption

We creatively altered the molecular structure of the mask fibers to significantly enhance the hydrophilicity of the mask in order to minimize evaporation. To offer better performance, Hyaluronic Acid was fused with mask fibers for deep water replenishment, accomplishing the ideal moisturizing experience for eye masks.

Enhanced Softness and Breathability

The layer formed after absorbing the serum offers soft touch, easy to fit and with high degree of transparency. The mask has good breathability and ensures the efficient penetration of the essences. It has optimal skin adaptability hence reducing the likelihood of allergies or irritations to the skin.

How To Use

1. Cleanse and dry the face.

2. Take out the mask and put the plastic film away.

3. Avoiding the eyes and the mouth, put the mask on the face and adjust for perfect fit.

4. Leave it on for 20 minutes or longer. No time limit.

Note: For Single Use Only.

Reap the skin care benefits of this brilliant mask and start injecting life into lackluster skin now.

Where To Buy

Thrilled to supercharge your skin with BH Medical's Hydrogel Face Mask? You can get it from BH Medical Online Shop.