Fotona 4D Cold Light Laser Peel For Skin Rejuvenation & Glow

Glowing, youthful-looking skin - we all want it, and yet our skin is affected by the effects of internal and external stressors all the time. Discolourations develop, wrinkles appear, acne scars become even more noticeable and skin lacking radiance. BH Medical Aesthetics' answer to this is Fotona 4D Cold Light Laser Peel - a versatile procedure that can help effectively restore the appearance of skin texture and quality.

Fotona 4D Cold Light Laser Peel is a non-invasive laser skin resurfacing treatment that can help take years off your face by gently removing a layer of old damaged skin revealing healthier, even-toned and younger-looking skin. Unlike traditional treatments such as dermabrasion and chemical peels, the unique characteristics of Fotona 4D Cold Light Laser Peel allow more control over the treatment process.

Reduces Signs of Ageing and Other Skin Imperfections

This treatment has the following benefits:

✔️ Transforms dry and dull skin into something more youthful and lively

✔️ Revitalises skin tone and texture

✔️ Reduces skin blemishes like sun spots, age spots

✔️ Reduces fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars

✔️ Stimulates the body's natural rejuvenation process by promoting the growth of new collagen fibers

✔️ Accelerate skin healing

✔️ Minimal downtime

✔️ Natural results

✔️ Effective treatment

✔️ Deep and lasting rejuvenation of the skin


Light cold laser peel gives a pearl finish to the skin and brightens and tones the skin. SupErficial™ additionally revitalises the appearance of the skin and reduces imperfections by using propriety VSP technology, enabling the doctor to easily adjust the laser to a controlled light peel, without thermal effects, for a no downtime treatment.


The skin is ablated with a light full Er: YAG beam, which finishes the treatment and removes superficial imperfections. It can be meticulously adjusted to your unique goals. Treatments can extend from light touch-ups to deep collagen remodeling, ideal for patients who want drastic rejuvenation effects, but are not inclined towards aggressive surgical or chemical alternatives. You ought to obtain healthier, extra glowing skin.

Who would benefit from using Fotona 4D Cold Light Laser Peel?

This treatment is suitable for people of almost all skin types, interested in gentle skin refreshing, deep skin rejuvenation or to treat specific skin problems such as:

  • rough skin texture

  • dull skin

  • enlarged pore size

  • acne scars

  • skin impurities, signs of ageing

  • sun-induced pigmentation

At BH Medical Aesthetics, all procedures are carried out by Certified Doctors

Fotona 4D Cold Light Laser Peel is recommended for individuals who want the benefits and long-term results of Cold Light Laser Peel without taking significant time away from their busy schedules and have the least downtime. And because the new skin coming in will be more sun-sensitive, applying sunscreen as an aftercare is a MUST.

Our objective is to provide our patients a healthier, more youthful and natural-looking appearance that will give them a renewed feeling of confidence. We are committed to enhancing who you already are.

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If you're looking for a non-invasive solution to revitalise your skin, leaving it looking supple, glowing, and younger, you should consider getting a Fotona 4D Cold Light Laser Peel at BH Medical Aesthetics. If you are interested or you have any questions regarding our treatments, call us on 6733 2555.