Korean Beauty Innovator CONTLEX HIFU for Face and Chin

It's a reality of life that as you age, your face will age too. As we get older, we start to see wrinkles and drooping skin around the lips, eyes, and neck. You will notice that your skin becomes less elastic and firm than before. The loose skin is gradually dragged downwards, resulting in thinner skin around the cheekbones and jowls in the lower face, making us appear older. This may be attributed to the body’s natural decline of collagen and elastin production which is both necessary for healthy, youthful-looking, and firm skin. Thankfully, BH Medical Aesthetics has the perfect solution to tackle the visible signs of ageing in your face and neck area.

Korean CONTLEX HIFU by Certified Doctors

This treatment helps restore the loss of elasticity in your skin and improves the texture of your face through non-invasive facial lifting and sculpting. And this technology has been getting a buzz lately, so if you're considering this treatment, keep reading!

What Causes Loss of Skin Elasticity?

Over time, skin loses its elasticity, leading to sagging and the formation of wrinkles. Several factors contribute to this, including sun damage, smoking, poor diet, and dehydration. Exposing the skin to ultraviolet light causes collagen and elastin fibers to break down. Smoking also damages collagen and elastin fibers and reduces the amount of blood flow to the skin, making the skin more prone to wrinkles and sagging. A poor diet can also contribute to a loss of skin elasticity, as it can result to a lack of essential nutrients necessary for healthy skin. Finally, dehydration too can cause the skin to become dry and less elastic.

Fortunately, there are treatments available that can help improve your skin's appearance. One such treatment is CONTLEX HIFU or simply CONTLEX by BH Medical Aesthetics.


Contlex Hifu emits high-intensity ultrasound that penetrates the treated area to the depth of choice, with geometric precision. Focused ultrasound-induced thermal coagulation to 4 different depths of the skin and connective tissue. The thermal coagulation promotes the formation of new collagen fibers and the end result is a non-invasive lifting effect.

HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, and it is a non-invasive procedure that requires no incisions and minimal downtime. The treatment uses sound waves with a high-frequency pulse to create micro-thermal heat within subcutaneous tissue layers that produce a cascade of events, including increased collagen production, elasticity, and tighter skin. The heat also destroys fat cells while leaving healthy cells intact.


Contlex Hifu, is a high-intensity focused ultrasound for a non-invasive facelift.

Each fixture Contles Hifu has 4 different cartridges for proper treatment at three depths:

  1. Superficial dermis (1.5mm) - Skin Toning Lentigo, Skin Rejuvenation, Acne, Large Pores

  2. Derma Deep (3mm) - Wrinkles, nose area sores, Lifting eye area

  3. Connective tissues (SMAS) (4.5mm) - Lifting

Focused ultrasound penetrates the treated area and induces coagulation (tissue heating up to 65-70 degrees) exclusively to the focal length range. There is no thermal damage in adjacent areas and no skin surface damage. The handpiece with four interchangeable cartridges allows it to vary between multiple types of treatment.

Here are more reasons why it is a reliable treatment option:

Non-invasive - Unlike other treatments for excess fat, this one does not require surgery.

No side effects and downtime - You also don't have to worry about any side effects, and you can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Targeted Fat Removal - CONTLEX HIFU focuses on eliminating fat cells rather than fat tissue. This is safer and more effective than other treatments, such as facial liposuction, without damaging any surrounding tissues.

Curved - Unlike the conventional HIFU procedure, CONTLEX Lifting is able to be performed on a curved skin line by rubbing mode particularly, therefore the proper energy is delivered closely to the skin.

It's safe and effective for all skin types - from dry to oily, fair to dark, and young to old.

It's effective for all signs of ageing - CONTLEX Lifting can treat your entire face such as forehead, eyes, wrinkles, cheek, upper lip, chin, double chin. In addition, you can also reduce the amount of under-eye fat as a dark circle that can be done by conventional and invasive facial lifting surgery.

It works on all face and neck areas.

Who Should Consider It?

CONTLEX HIFU is suitable for women and men looking for an alternative to surgery or other invasive treatments such as botox or fillers. It works best on people with mild to severe signs of ageing but can also be used on younger patients aged 21 or older who want to delay visible signs of ageing for as long as possible.

So there you have it, our breakdown of the Korean CONTLEX HIFU. We've looked at what it is, how it works, and why we believe it is effective for facial lifting and sculpting. If you consider getting this treatment for either your face or chin, this may be the perfect option for you. With its combination of effectiveness and comfort, not to mention its long-lasting results, CONTLEX HIFU could be just what you need to achieve that youthful look once again.

Regain Your Youthful Appearance

Feel free to register for an appointment here. At only $211.86 (Nett), restoring the firmness and beauty of your skin has never been more within reach.