The Highest Performance Single-Pusle Q-Switch Laser

Introducing the most advanced Q-switched laser on the market to date. Possessing power to remove all common pigmented lesions, ions and including a broad spectrum of colours, it even has the ability to provide FRAC3® aesthetic treatments. Built for maximum performance with patented state-of-the-art innovations that makes treatments safe & effective.

QX MAX offers treatments such as

 Acne & Acne Scar Revision, Pigmented Lesions, Tattoo removal, Vascular Lesions, Permanent Hair Reduction & more 


High Per​formance Aesthetic Treatments 

QX MAX's High-energy, single-pulse technology is vastly more efficient at removing pigments compared to multi-pulse lasers that generates equivalent high energies. 

More & deeper lying pigments can be targeted and destroyed, thus maximizing efficacy & efficiency. 

Usage of larger spot sizes also requires less fluence to be effective, reducing the risk of unwanted side effects such as tissue splatter, bleeding or textural changes. 


Four Wavelengths For A Complete Pigment Range

Laser wavelengths must be carefully considered when removing pigments, especially with multi-colored tattoos and vascular lesions.

QX MAX's Nd:YAG laser provides the ideal platform for initiating wavelength conversions to create a true multi-wavelength pigment removal solution.

QX MAX offers four treatment wavelengths in a single system:

-1064nm ND:YAG to treat & remove dark pigments

-532nm KTP for lighter pigments, vascular lesions & red, tan, purple & orange tattoo inks

-650nm dye for green tattoo inks

-585nm dye for sky blue inks & vascular lesions.

This optimal selection of wavelength provides the ability to treat a plethora of pigmented & vascular lesions, as well as complex multi-colored tattoos, 

QX MAX can be safely & effectively used for all common aesthetic treatments such as hair removal, acne treatments or more.


Highest Beam Profile Quality 

Fotona's advanced Q-switched technology relies on groundbreaking solutions such as patented OPTOflex & Vacuum Cell technologies to produce an almost perfectly homogeneous beam profile. 

Homogeneity of the laser beam ensures even distribution across treated area. Epidermal damage is minimized along with numerous risks. 


OPTOflex Technology

OPTOflex is specially designed to transmit Q-switched laser light with minimal loss of energy. Ergonomic designs allows the handpiece to naturally follow hand movement during procedures. Therefore, enhancing precision & accuracy during delicate treatments.

In addition, OPTOflex includes revolutionary Vacuum Cell Technology creates perfectly uniform laser spots. Risk of unwanted side effects & skin damage is then minimized.  

OPTOflex arm is light, compact & folds back to decrease system height. With an unlimited range of movement, OPTOflex is the definitive of the next generation in high performance laser delivery.


Patented Solutions for Ultimate Safety & Precision 

Fotona's core technologies in the QX MAX ensures a peace of mind knowing that the parameters you have selected are being safely & precisely delivered by the system throughout each treatment session. 

This provides unmatched safety & confidence in the system's ability. EFC ( Energy Feedback Control) technology actively checks & controls each individual pulse's energy level to ensure that the output energy is exactly matched for safe and effective treatments. 


Advanced Handpiece Technology 

Innovative handpiece technology optimizes the delivery of safe, precise & controlled effective lasers to the treatment area. 

The new R-HX handpiece offers a completely flat laser beam profile that allows for more precise coverage. Empty spaces & overlapping can easily be avoided thus ensuring a greater efficacy & superior clinical results.